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At Friliance, we design and build innovative devices and products for our customers, and the services can have a significant impact on Time to market and a resultant improvement in profitability. Our engineers are closely tied to the manufacturing environment and they are versed in development procedures designed to generate products that optimize the benefits of Friliance production processes, these experiences are used to develop products ,which can meet manufacturability and testability requirements. This results can be quickly introduced into production. These services include:

Mechanical Engineering & Design

Product design
Structural analysis
System design
Thermal analysis & design

PCB Design

Exotic materials
High density interconnect
High layer-count boards
High speed interconnects
Impedance/trace matching
Library management

Software/Firmware Experience

BIOS customizations/modifications
C, C++, Visual C, Visual BASIC
Embedded control
High level languages
Industry standard chipsets including Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Hitachi and more.
Low-Level firmware/assembly
Win32 apps aoding & integration
Win32 driver development

Tooling Engineering

Program management
Tool design & build (molds & dies)
Tooling validation

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